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Theresa's Journal

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31st December 2007

5:07pm: mad and holding my tounge
hello, what can I say it has been a while since I wrote in here, but for some reason I had to come here today, I am so tired of ppl getting into my buissness and minding my buissness instead of their own. I am so feed up with it all, and I keep holding my tounge but I am about to explode on everyone! ppl think I should raise my kids the way they did theirs! sorry not my way!
Current Mood: moody

25th August 2006

1:48pm: going away
Hello to everyone I am going away this weekend to visit my sister and her family in meryland at andrews air force base! This is going to be fun, my kids and her kids are so excited about it! Tomorrow we are gonna have a baarbecue! So the kids are gonna have fun!
Current Mood: cheerful

28th July 2006

3:34am: just something I figured I would try
Poll #780001 What about penpals?

Do you like penpals?

Do you have penpals

would like some
no don't want them

If you wanted them what gender


What age group would you want penpals?

Current Mood: anxious
3:12am: hello to all friends
hello to all! I am doing good, just been busy trying to keep the kids busy, and all! Things here are good! My hubby has been working storm work for 2 weeks now, and I have been busy like a bee, with him working storm work I haven't had time to myself! GGGGGGRRRRRRRR lol! My sister danielle moved out has been moved out for a while now! She is looking for her own place if her and her boyfriend can ever get it together and stop argueing, she was staying with a friend of mine but messed it up, now she is with my sister marie and marie said she has to be out soon! She isn't coming back here, cause she has a problem following rules, and thinks she can run other peoples houses! lol!
Current Mood: aggravated

16th May 2006

11:24pm: hello it has been a while
today is rather okay! I have court tomorrow for my sister! Her boyfriend hit her and he is turning it around to say she hit him! My kids are getting big! I have been busy I am planning a birthday party for my one daughter for next month!
Current Mood: busy

9th March 2006

10:24pm: Hectic Day Today Was
Hello! Today I was cleaning, doing laundry, planning what we will do this summer, writeing letters to my penpals, and my daughters wrote letters to their penpals too! I have a cat and a dog! One of my old friends wants me to help give out flyers for his buissness, and I can't due to I don't have a babysitter for my son, and doctors appointments to keep! I am booked for a couple weeks! I got into an arguement with my dad today, cause he is always yelling at my kids for something simple, such as playing with the dog or cat, and so on!
Current Mood: aggravated

13th February 2006

3:36pm: today
hello to all! How are you all doing? HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to everyone! Hope things are good! I am not doing anything special for valentine's day! I am gonna spend the day with my hubby and my kids! Snow came here and oh boy the news said we got 11 inches, but someone told me that was a lie we got 20 inches! My sister called me from texas! things are cool! The kids didn't have have school today!
Current Mood: good

3rd February 2006

4:04am: OK DAY
Hello! Yesterday was an okay day! I cleaned yesterday, and then after that I relaxed! My nice had off thurseday and friday and I have her both days cause my brother was working! My neighbors kid is selling candy! I plan to buy some and so does my hubby and my dad too! I played at neopets for a bit, and at pogo for a bit!
Current Mood: accomplished

31st January 2006

8:25pm: Today's Hope
hello! I hope I can meet some new friends here! Around my age! I am not new to this site, but they changed this site since I last was here! I will have to invite some more ppl to invite here!
Current Mood: anxious
6:15am: hello
Hello to all I am not really new to this site! I had a account here before but don't remember my user name or password! But all is well with me! I hope I make some friends here! LOL! I have been real busy, alot is going on! I have to get use to this site all over again lol! I will post again later or tomorrow
Current Mood: happy
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